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Business Email Writing and Etiquette

How do I write formal professional e-mails?

What is the correct way to address my recipient, and how do I get the response that I aim for?

What is the current trend in e-mail writing? How can I be up-to-date?

How can I show advanced knowledge in business e-mail etiquette?

This workshop aims at equipping you with the skills and language you need to write effective business e-mails in English.

Effective e-mail writing has become an inevitable asset in today’s workplace, and there is a growing need in knowing the best, up-to-date methods in business communication.

The workshop will cover the formal professional e-mail for both internal and external audiences, using structured methodologies.

Two general types will be dissected here; the formal structure which follows a 4-part backbone, and a semi-formal 5-part practical email.

Concentration will be on writing concise, precise, and effective persuasive messages that would upscale one’s career.


Proposed Outline

  1. Introduction, Rules and Tips
  2. Testing your style of writing
  3. Type 1: The Formal E-mail (the 4-part structure)
  4. Making a list in an E-mail
  5. Date and Time in formal written communication
  6. Type 2: The Practical E-mail (the 5-part structure)
  7. Useful Phrases and Notations


Expect lots of practical examples and tasks throughout the workshop and after.


Who is this workshop for? 


Business professionals who would like to develop their business e-mail writing skills, in English.


Private hours

Public class schedule TBA